100% Made in Italy: a choice of the heart

Bip Bip creates and manufactures its garments only in Italy , meticulously checking all stages of production. A business choice concept crucial to ensure exclusive , great attention to quality and strict controls on the finished product .

The manufacture homemade makes it difficult to imitate each collection and ensures high standards of quality in both production techniques both in the selection of raw materials. They are used only natural fiber quality ( combed cotton , linen, wool , silk) and synthetic fibers selected from polyacrylic type and spandex . They are used for dyeing yarns and fabrics exclusively reactive colors , while pigments in printing processes Oeko-Tex certified . This ensures a quality and a coloring lasting in time.

Thanks to strict protocols on the entire production process ,  Bip Bip’s design gives the mark of quality to each piece , ensuring strict controls also with respect to traceability.

Select Bip Bip means then buy a unique style and exclusive creations , made with finishes and fabrics, expressions of Italian style and craftsmanship .

Reseach & Development

Design and Creativity is the key part and the heart of the company consists of designers strongly related to ownership . Thanks to the internal study of colors, designs and fabrics , products Bip Bip are a development of creative craftsmanship , presenting original and exclusive collections where fashion trends are adapted to the simpler forms .

Product Development : a product is innovative if it has technical characteristics peculiar to this Bip Bip is constantly engaged in the search for types of fabric, lines of design , manufacturing and packaging at the forefront . In the study of every new creation are exclusive concept designed and implemented research on structural materials , with the goal of reducing the weight and volume of the leaders , to improve the quality and resistance to washing . All this with the aim , in the development of new collections , to really change the substance and not only the design of the garments, improving its quality.

Technical development: the need to create new products and materials requires careful preparation of technical specifications on the basis of which we commission the production of special fabrics to partner companies on the Italian territory using raw materials of our property.


We manufacture our pajamas with the following tissues







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