An Italian Story

True “Made in Italy”: style, quality, comfort, ethics

Bip Bip creates and manufactures its garments exclusively in Italy, with painstakingly accurate checks throughout all stages of production. This is a core company choice to guarantee exclusive concepts, great attention to quality and strict controls on the finished product.

The homemade manufacturing makes each collection difficult to imitate and guarantees high quality standards both in production techniques and in the selection of raw materials..


Only high quality fibres

We use only high quality natural fibres (combed cotton, linen, wool, silk) and selected polyacrylic and elastane synthetic fabrics. We use only reactive dyes for the dyeing of yarns and fabrics and only oeko-tex certified pigments for printing. This ensures lasting quality and time-resistant colours.
Thanks to strict protocols employed over the entire production process, Creazioni Bip Bip can give its quality mark to each single garment, guaranteeing scrupulous checks also for what concerns traceability.

Choosing Bip Bip means buying creations with a unique and exclusive style, made with precious finishes and fabrics, a true expressions of Italian style and craftsmanship.


We make our pyjamas in







Research and development: Design, Creativity, Craftsmanship, Cutting edge

Bip Bip invests heavily in the study of new design lines and creative solutions for the production of its garments.
Thanks to our in-house research on colours, designs and fabrics, Bip Bip products express the creative craftsmanship of the company. Fashion trends and simple forms meet in original and exclusive collections, which we offer in all retail outlets, packed in boxes which in turn are innovative packaging solutions.

Whenever we study a new product we develop exclusive concepts and carry out heavy structural researches on materials, with the goal of reducing the weight and volume of garments, and to improve their quality and resistance to washing.

To create new products and new materials we develop precise technical sheets basing on which we then order the production of special fabrics. The companies we are partners with in fabric production all operate on the Italian territory and use top quality raw materials selected and purchased directly by Bip Bip.


Every step in the production of the new Bip Bip pyjamas collections is taken with a precise goal: not only innovate design, but most of all really change the essence of garments to improve quality.


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